Enneagram Coaching

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The enneagram has been a substantial tool that has been beneficial for me personally and has also helped in my marriage, friendships, and being able to step out more into who I am capable of being. While the enneagram cannot replace therapy, counseling, or spiritual guidance, it can help us see our areas of growth and help us to become the best versions of ourselves as we grow.

Because of this, it is my desire to help others discover this tool and show them how to apply it to their own lives and relationships. I offer sessions for type discovery, personal growth, and introductory sessions for teams in your work or ministry setting.

Typing Session (1 hour): $125 plus tax

Growth Session (1 hour): $125 plus tax

Group/Business Setting (2 hours): $50 per person plus any travel expenses outside of a 10 mile radius

For inquiries or booking a session email cupofenneagram@gmail.com

Payment accepted through PayPal and full payment is due 24 hours before the scheduled session for individual sessions and 48 hours before group/team sessions.